Why Lohri Festival is Celebrated?

Lohri Festival : Lohri festival is celebrated every 13th January. There is interesting folks tale and story behind this festival. The festival of lohri is celebrated to express the gratitude towards dulla bhatti. So who is Dulla Bhatti? Why he is connected to all this? Dulla Bhatti is a highway robber who stay in punjab during the mughal emperor akbar’s times.


He rescue the hindu girls who forcibly drag into slave market and also married them to hindu boy and paying dowries to them. For that he become robber to hero in punjabis. So showing gratitude to him punjabis celebrate lohri.

Lohri Festival

Lohri is celebrated by lighting bonfire in night and eat rewri and peanuts. On this days Schools and College are closed. People celebrated the festival by playing kite competition in morning and doing giddha and bhangra and in night. Children this day go to pepols house and chanting lohri song and pepol give them rewari, popcorn, peanuts.  gur as well as money too. In this day people sending greeting and wishes to their beloved ones who not near them.

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