You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting Genuine Way To Solve

You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting :- Remembering the old days when this problem occurred any many computer and till now it happens in lot of computer. Most of people got frustrated by this problem i know a friend of mine have the same problem just a week before that he often get this message on its screen “You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting” he even do not know the correct reason for occurring that because he pay a lot of money to upgrading its window from professional every year. In the end he finally raise a complaint to the microsoft windows forum regarding this error and what he get in return HE SHOCKED. Yes he shocked to listen that those hardware professional are ripping money out of his pocket. WHY because the window they are installing on his device are already installed on several devices in this case it violate the terms and condition of microsoft which is that a window copy is installed on single device not more than one for more computer you need to purchase additional licence copy which the hardware vendor did not pay to earn extra money and in result we see this messages.


Why it Happen

Microsoft windows comes with the feature of automatically update. When you connect to the computer your laptop automatically download the required update at the background without noticing error. We can even see the process in our task manager. The second reason is if the users is installed the window software or upgraded microsoft tools from internet.

What i will Do

Considering alot about this problem i come to a conclusion which is that it is better to buy window from the official website. As i can see it is one time investment and it give you access of microsoft community you can ask to expert about your problem, offer on microsoft product and lot more. If you just buy a laptop or computer from the store or this is your first time see the message “You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting” i definitely recommend you go and purchase a new copy of the software because it will help you in long run.

What if i not buy and Continue Running in It

Hmmm it is your opinion to do that but i will tell you the risk of using that. The first one is that frustrating wallpaper on your laptop screen which write about “You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting” that thing is frustrating and it give bad impression if you are with friends or other family members. The second thing is after short span of time your windows is start corrupting or did not perform well like it should be. Later the problem increase more and again you have to pay hardware vendor the reinstalling charges of the windows which i think is not good for pocket.

OK OK i wanna buy window what should i Do

As you already know there are two method to purchase microsoft original copy which can be done via online which you can do via

  1. Right click on my computer and then click on properties.
  2. If its window 8 you will see the activation option at bottom of the screen if its seven you need to go System Properties.
  3. On System Properties click on Activate Windows Online Now link and it will take you to windows store where you need to purchase window via credit or debit card.

Oh Snap i purchase it From Store

Not to be worry if you are purchase it from online store then you can reinstall the window you may pay one time fees to hardware vendor to install original window or you can do it by yourself there are specific keys to enter DOS based operating system. Once in dos mode you may remove the fake copy and install a new one.

Is there easy Fix for It

Yes there is are some easy fix for the window like reinstall the window but this time go to Control Pannel -> Automatic Updates.

On Automatic Updates you will see an option TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES click on it and press the button OK. The automatic update will never occurred and so as you will never get the message “You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting”.

Easy Fix 2

Just switch off the automatic the updates which i mentioned above in easy fix. Once the automatic update turned click on start menu and then click on Run or type shortcut Windows + R.

On Run type a simple command regedit and click enter registry editor pane will open.

On Registry Editor go by the following set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon -> Notify.

On Notify Delete the Folder and Files of WgaLogon and the restart your laptop or desktop the “You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting” error will be gone.

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