What is Fuchsia Operating System and How Does It Works

Fuchsia Operating System :- After the huge success of android operating google company has now focus on making a new operating system named fuchsia. The clear cut functions of the operating system is not yet to be announced but as per stated by the company this operating can be run on any device included microsoft, iOs and android platform. This operating system will work on Magenta Kernel rather then Linux which appeared to be seen in android and chrome OS.


Two software engineer named Christopher Anderson and Brian Swetland are currently working on embed systems who have already worked on projects like  Nexus Q and Android TV. According to a popular site android police google is building three different languages for the operating which are Dart which controls all programming the second one is Flutter which will build user interface for the app and the third one is Escher which will control lights and shadows for the various activities in this Operating System.

Escher is also responsible for making many twining, transition and animation in this OS and many other google products. Currently the code is available to be seen many popular site and can be tested on PC and ARM devices and it is also tested on acer platform.

For more information and updates related to fuchsia operating system stay updated to this website.

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