What is eWallet Banking and How to Create eWallet Account

What is eWallet Banking :- eWallet banking services are offered by many bank so that client can pay their bills directly to the vendor without using cash or cheques. It is a one click process where user can pay their bills direct to home. The major service bills the client can pay is gas bills, electricity bills, dish payment, railway booking and other living expenses related stuffs like online purchasing. According to source this is most reliable and safe methods to make online payment. Now lets see how to create ewallet account with your existing bank account.


How to Create eWallet Account

Below are the steps required to make ewallet account and send payments.

  1. First download the banking app from play store for eg if you have icici bank account you should write icici bank ewallet application and install on your smartphone.
  2. After installing the app open the app and fill the basic details like name, email, phone number and complete the form process. In some bank cases users are required to create different ID.
  3. After you complete that form process and set PIN code a verification message has been sent to your registered phone with bank for confirmation code enter that confirmation code in your bank account form to continue.
  4. After completed the form process link your credit or debit account by scanning the card or by entering card details.
  5. Once you debit and credit card link to your ewallet app you can make payment to anyone.

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