What Does Yellow Heart on Snapchat Mean?

Yellow Heart on Snapchat :- Snapchat has a lot of emoji and trophies some are come by default with the snapchat app and some you need to unlock by doing various activities but in all that there is one more emoji which is confusing people that what does yellow heart on snapchat do in next to their contact list. Like recently we encountered a same problem like that in the form of hour glass emoji.



So what does yellow heart mean a symbol or emoji of yellow heart next to the contact list represent that you have sent a lot of snap and in revert of that he send you a lot of snap as well you can easily call that person as your best friend on snapchat if this streak over and you send a lot of snaps to other person and he or she revert you back that yellow heart will change to that person once it reach good amount of the snaps.

If you continuously send snaps to same person if her heart is still yellow then after two weeks that heart is turn into red. But you may encountered a problem if you are using previous version of android like android v2.3 to android v4.4 you may see that the heart color is pink and it has hair on it. Soon it will be possible to send snaps just by seeing through with snapchat camera glass so no matter where you are just push a button and continue with a streak of yellow heart.

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