Top 7 Best Video Editing Apps Every Android User Must Have

Best Video Editing Apps :- Whenever we think of installing video editing app we simply go to play store and install the app based on their ratings and people who might download the app. Most of the time it work out for me and others we got the desired app which we needed but recently we see a lot app just using paid or advertising method to download or rate their app good so users will get a good impression that the app is genuine and they install the app.

First of all the method is good and save a lot of time on searching if you want install the app using this method is fine but take care of the steps before installing the app

Steps Need To Be Taken Care of

Step Number 1:- Do not check the positive always check the negative ratings. See what users says negative about the app. I knew that the some people accidentally dislike the app or some users purposely dislike the app so if the number is 100 to 200 is fine if the number is 1000 or greater you need to think about the app before installing

Step Number 2:- Check if the app is featured on any technology website and what review users or tech expert given about the app.

Step Number 3:- Check the app is associated with the company or it was just uploaded by a user.

If you taken care of these steps you might end up installing a great video editing app. Hmmm it will take a lot of time  to see all these app what can i do. Dont worry to save you from these hindrances we already make a list of 7 best video editing apps that every smartphone user must install. So lets take a look at these apps:-


7 Best Video Editing Apps

1) Wevideo

Want to make a quick video and want to share it to friend or upload it on youtube then this app is solution of you. The app is featuring voice-over recording, adding special effect and transition on the video, adding custom music track and filters on the video and save the video in HD Format. The app also features royalty free images on their library from where you can exercise or make cool video and also add the images you like on your video.

2) Qik Video

Qik is a wonderful android video editing app that can create video through photo or edit your video. One of the great features of the app is that it has the ability to sync music and the frame time. For example set the video time whether it’s one minute or 10 minute qik video will automatically adjust where to cut the video and where to add transition. The app is also offer free music collection for its users so they can add the music on their video..

3) VivaVideo

Viva video is a professional video editing software for android device which is available in more than 100 countries. Play store has been ranked the developer as Top Developer which means he is a trusted source. The main feature of the app is it open your video in WYSIWYG editor. The app also offer a video community where users meet and ask question related to the app. It offers functions like FX, Emoji, Stickers, Caption, Text, Blurred BG and Sharing support.

4) PowerDirector

Power director is again one of the best video editing with lots of advance feature which you might like. The app is offering a lot advance video editing feature like slow motion, ultra 4k video publishing,  FX, transitions,  PiP video overlay, creating video collage and many more.

5) VideoShow 

Making its point to the top 7 list is video show with lot of good features like bunch of themes, emoji, composing, video to mp3 converting and more. The app is currently being used in 161 countries and trusted by over 100 million users. The app is also offering music library to every user at free of cost.

6) Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe premiere is one of the best video editing software runs from long time in PC. Now the adobe company has released its app for android device which is premiere clip. The app is offering features like photo motion, audio mixing, freeform editor and many more.

7) Magisto

Magisto is a powerful video editing software that lets its users to turn their video into cool and fantastic video. The app is instantly got hit and gained 80 million users worldwide. The app review is also seen on famous news and tech website like CNN, New York Times, Mashable and more.

These are currently the top 7 best video editing app for android user. For more information and updates related to the app stay updated to latestnewstech.


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