Snapchat Camera Glasses Review – Is It Worth Purchasing?

Snapchat Camera Glasses Review :- Snapchat a world leading social media platform has launched it’s first product named spectacles which take selfies via camera that are embedded in front of the glass and store or directly transfer to your snapchat app. As per the reviewer this new snapchat glasses are compare to google glasses that we are recently seen and compared by price it is relevantly cheaper.


There is flash given at the front of once you start to record video or pictures from the device the front lights are flash so the people around you known that they are being recorded. You can only record a 10 second videos through this device which we see is very less time. The glasses have give 115 degree field of vision to resembles the field of vision to human eyes and Its battery only lasts for a day. After you record the video you can send the video to any device or platform via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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After save the video on other device you can edit or make any changes to video too. Snap inc has specially made a website where you can purchase the glasses at the affordable price of $130 which is roughly £100. As per seen the taste of users the glasses will come in three different shades which include black, teal and coral. As per the company statement the camera glasses will be launched on fall and will be available to purchase from official store

Last Verdict

After seeing specifications and features of the new glasses we definitely recommended our readers to purchase the glasses not only it added style factor is also help us to capture beautiful moments at the right time. What are your suggestion about the device write your thoughts about the device in the below comment sections.

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