My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi – Fixed

My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi :- Playing your favourite game and your wifi automatically disconnect from internet or downloading and install data from internet and your wifi stop responding or does not connect to internet. Well don’t worry because today i am going to explain in detail why this problem occurred and how to fix it.

There are many reasons that can cause the error to not connect your smartphone to wifi or automatically disconnect your wifi connection some of them are settings based errors and some of them your internet service provider based. Today we are going to discuss every bit of detail that why your smartphone is won’t connect or automatically disconnect from wifi network.


Problem Number 1 — Network ISP Name

Check the internet connection service provider naming convention first. Sometime by mistake or due to same name given on the different wifi network confuse the person to connect to that network. So make sure first you connecting to correct network.

Problem Number 2 — Disabling and Enabling Wifi

Due to heavy load of data or just minor fluctuation in internet service provider connect cause the network to temporary not working. In that case just disable and enable your android phone wifi and your problem might be fixed.

Problem Number 3 — Sleeping Mode

If your smartphone is connected to the internet and it will automatically disconnect from the internet in idle time then it will be the problem of sleeping mode. Every smartphone has inbuilt feature of battery saving you just need to override this setting to stay connected to always stay connected to the internet. To override these setting got to SETTINGS -> WIFI -> ADVANCE -> KEEP WIFI ON DURING SLEEP and then select never option.

Problem Number 4 — Not Connecting to the Network or Failed Error

Not connecting to network is one the most puzzled problem which can end in instant or it can take upto days to resolve the error because it might be internet service provider fault it can be fault in your settings or router. First thing you need to do is to check internet is running on other device or not. If its working on other device then it will be a problem of setting in your smartphone. If it does not then it will be a problem in router or internet provider services.

To Fix Problem if it comes in your smartphone

If internet connection is working on every other device and not yours then the problem is occurred in your internet connection settings. Now to resolve the setting switch off your mobile and switch on the problem might fixed if the problem still remain then perform a factory reset this method resets every settings to default then your internet connection will be running.

To Fix Problem if it comes in your router

Switch off wifi router and wait for 15 seconds then switch it on to resolve it if its not resolved then you need to set up your account or access point on router one more time and reboot your device. To access wifi router settings just enter the web address given at bottom side of your address.

To Fix Problem if it comes in your ISP

If above two failed to fix your problem then you need to contact your internet service provider customer care and ask them if there is any problem comes in their back-end.

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