LG Wifi Speakers and Theatre System Will Soon Launched

LG wifi speakers:- Now good news for music fans after so long time LG has announce that it will launch four new wireless speakers and three sound bars. Currently only sono’s company provide the WiFi speaker system but now lg has take action and it will showcase their speaker on CES in Las Vegas. The price of the speakers is not declared but it LG may declared The price at CES.


A new feature that attract buyers are it will be operateable via your android or iOS smartphones. With the app you can adjust volume and also has feature to play music files on your smartphone. Now few things come in mind if call come while we play music is the song stop? is ringtone voice come through speakers. The answer is no if the call come while playing songs it will not stop and lg company said that other Bluetooth device cant do.

The one cool features include in this speaker are it will operate via line app. if the user want to stop the speaker after some time the user can text commands to speaker that it will “turn off music after one hour” the speaker turn off after that time.

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