How To Zoom In and Zoom Out on Snapchat

How To Zoom In on Snpachat :- Snapchat company has released a new updated on may 2016 in which they fix a lot of issues and bugs occurred in snapchat app as per users reported through contact us form or in other community website. In new update the company has added some unique features and one of them is one finger video zoom. Sound strange lets get understand this feature thoroughly in this feature user can zoom in the video when recording and also zoom out from the recorded video with one finger. As we seen in previous update we have to pinch the screen to zoom camera in and out it may sometime off the balance which might end in making a distracted video. But with this new update users can zoom into video just by pushing their hand upside down. So now forgot about off balancing video and other video error which we simply get by pinching to zoom. To gain access to this new feature the existing snapchat users have to download the latest update of snapchat which is version To update your snapchat to latest version follow the below mentioned steps:-


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1) Update Snapchat

For Android Users:-

  1. To update your snapchat to latest version just go through the snapchat link and then click on my apps.
  2. After you click on my apps you will see the entire installed app on your smartphone
  3. Now click on snapchat and then on right hand side page you will see a button update.
  4. Click on update button and wait for sometime.

For iOS Users:-

For ios User go to the app store and then click on update button which is given at bottom right section then find the listed snapchat app and click on update button.

2) Run the app

Make sure after you install the app reboot your smartphone then open the app hold video recording to shoot now pull your finger up and down to zoom in and zoom out from the app. Bingo now use the new zoom feature in your app.

3) I Can’t Access to Zoom in Feature After i Update

If you can’t access to new feature after updating the app make sure your app version will be the same i mentioned above which is 3.7.0. To check that open your app and click on about button all information about app visible there. In case if your version and you still can’t access contact the customer care and ask them to resolve the issue.

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