How To Use USB Tethering and Share Your Android Internet

How To Use USB Tethering:- USB Tethering is one of the convenient way to connect to internet if you are travelling a lot or lived in a remote area far away from internet service provider. With this technique you can share your android smartphone internet data to the connected device whether it should be laptop, desktop or also cell phone itself. In today environment where many telecommunication company offered high speed or we can say 4G internet at low prices we don’t feel the need of broadband connection so we often usb tethering. With this method you can directly connect your smartphone to laptop or connect without the need of additional software or hardware device. So lets take a look at the methods used to share internet via USB tethering.


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How To Use USB Tethering

Follow the below mentioned step to connect your smartphone to pc or laptop.

  1. Connect USB cable to the smartphone and the device you want to share your internet with (Laptop or Desktop).
  2. Now go to SETTINGS and click on MORE.
  3. On More page click on TETHERING & PORTABLE HOTSPOT.
  4. Now click on USB Tethering and on the notification bar there is a USB icon visible which is a sign that your smartphone is connected to device that you want to share your internet with.
  5. Now activate portable WiFi Hotspot and your smartphone is connected to the internet.

Bonus Method

You can also share your internet connection by using bluetooth method. Instead of clicking on USB Tethering you can click on Bluetooth Tethering and activate hotspot to share your internet connection. This method is useful when you want to access internet from little long distance.

Things to be Considered While Using Tethering

When you share internet connection the bandwidth of the internet is consume a lot faster than mobile because on mobile phone view website is highly optimized in size rather than on PC. So before using internet connection make sure that your smartphone bandwidth is not going to be ended soon and always check your internet bandwidth after sometime if its low.

Is USB Tethering Safe or Not

Yes usb tethering is safe to browse internet but it charge way more if you dont have internet pack active on your smartphone. Also this method consumed a lot of battery on both device whether its laptop or smartphone but the the method is automatic recharge your smartphone battery which is a positive point.

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