How To Take Screenshot in Snapchat Without Notifications

Screenshot Snapchat Notifications :- Snapchat is one of the best social media app for video chatting, instant messaging and photo sharing. Recently many questions has been raised about the by the user that how they save photos in snapchat because in snapchat snaps are expired after 10 seconds. Some people suggested that it is good to take screenshot in the app when you receive a photos. But snapchat development team is very smart in this as soon as you take screenshot in the app what the app will do is it will notify the other user that you have take a screenshot of his photo and that will be a terrible situation for you.

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If both user are agree that they can take snaps you can do it by screenshot app like screenshot by kastor soft for android device and for itunes you can use Lightshot screen-shot app but if you want to take screenshot with notifying other user then there is trick to do it which i mentioned in this page soon.


Screenshot in Snapchat Without Notifications

A quick tip for taking snapchat screenshot without sending any notifications to user is that you switch off your internet after you load all the photos in list gallery. Sounds tricky but this is the way to do this if you dont want to install any third party software to take screenshot in snapchat. Let me explain you in detail how to do this with the below mentioned steps :-

  1. Click on the app and get the app into load point but quickly switch out of the app by pressing home screen button. Now if you getting images on your snapchat ID it will about to get load in list gallery.
  2. Now once all the images are load in gallery list then switch off your internet connection and activate the feature airplane mode.
  3. Once your airplane feature is turned on now open snapchat and take screenshot to whatever you can like snaps and messages.
  4. Be sure that once you take all the screenshot then close the snapchat app this is important other-wise once you connect to internet it will send the notifications user can switch off the connection by going through their task manager and iphone user can got to task manager by tapping two times the homescreen button.
  5. After you quit the snapchat application turned off airplane mode feature and connect to the internet and then you can open snapchat app again but their is a one flaw in the hack is that when you open the app again the other user who send image to you will see that you cant open image and think something went wrong.

Screenshot in Snapchat with App

Apart from this trick you can download a app which is specially design to take screenshot and not send any notification to the sender which is Sneakaboo and quick-time screen capture. The app can now be download from itunes but it is only available for iphone user mean you cannot download the app on android device. Android Users can download the app Apowersoft Screenshot and SaveMySnaps to take screenshots on snapchat.

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