How To Take Backup of Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive :- Recently my smartphone got infected by virus which automatically restart my smartphone. To remove that virus i have to perform hard reset and remove my memory data. These two steps are by far easy for me but the recovery of my data is almost impossible and time consuming. I am a big fan of whatsapp and sent a lot of messages to friends and colleague through you can imagine the scale of loss when my phone is format. All of the contacts are intact because i save contact on sim card but my chat history is gone. I try a lot of method to recover whatsapp message some of them work but not all the data of my friend is not recovered so later i take backup of the data on smartphone as well as on Google Drive to make sure next time thing like that happen i will be fully prepared first. So let’s take a look on how to take Backup of Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive.

Backup-Whatsapp-Messages-Google Drive

Taking Backup of Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

Follow the below method to take backup:-

  1. Open your whatsapp app.
  2. Click on three dot line which is given at top right side a drop down menu section will appeared then click on SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings page click on Chats and Calls Menu.
  4. On Chat and Calls Page click on button CHAT BACKUP.
  5. On Select your gmail account if you did not make google account make first then restart the app the account might be appeared on chat backup page under account section.
  6. After you select your gmail account click on BACKUP GOOGLE DRIVE to select when google will take your backup. Choose the option daily if you want to take daily backup i personally recommend you choose weekly.
  7. Once done through google drive settings click on BACKUP button and google drive will start the process to taking up your backup. It probably take some time depend on the data you have.

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