How To Share Your Mobile Internet to Any Other Wifi Devices

How to Share Android Internet:- Sharing an android internet connection is convenient and handy at the time of travelling or when your internet connection is out of service. There are three ways to share smartphone internet which are WIFI, Bluetooth and Data Cable. Bluetooth and data cable can connect upto 1 internet connection but what if you have more than 2 devices to share internet at the same time. Well dont worry because if you turn your smartphone into a WIFI Hotspot than you can share internet with more than 4 devices. I have used all the internet sharing method bluetooth and data cable and found that WIFI is by far the most secure and easy way to share your internet with other device because you not need an software to install the function to connect to internet the function is given inbuilt which is Tethering Hotspot and the second reason is it will turn your smartphone into wifi hotspot so you can access internet from long range you not need to sit in one spot like it happened with Bluetooth and Data Cable to connect to internet. The wifi hotspot not just works on PC or laptop you can also connect other android device with it. So lets take a look at the methods on how to share your android internet connection to any WIFI devices.


How to Share Android Internet

Follow the below steps to turn your smartphone into WIFI hotspot.

  1. Go to SETTINGS and click on Tethering and Mobile hotspot.
  2. Tick on option Mobile Hotspot to activate the sharing.

Once the option is activate you will see a notification at the top page regarding WIFI Hotspot. Now lets make your wifi connection secure.

  1. To secure your wifi connection just go to settings -> Tethering and Mobile Hotspot -> Configure Mobile Hotspot.
  2. On Configure Option Set an SSID name this is the name that appeared when you search for a WIFI connection.
  3. On Security Choose option WPA2 PSK.
  4. On Password Field enter your desired password and click on SAVE button to secure your network connection.

Share you internet through App

What will i do if i not have wifi tethering? Hmm in some smartphone we find that they have Wifi but do not have WIFI tethering option available in it. In case your smartphone does not support tethering than you can install the app name Barnacle Wifi Tether. Once installed open the app, insert setting like i mentioned above and you will connect to internet.

Once your network is secured then enables your WIFI of other device search for the WIFI network and you will see the name of wifi option you just created connect to that WIFI hotspot and you will connect to the internet. Mobile hotspot will consume a lot of data so make sure you keep in check of the consumption of the data.

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