How To Send Large Video Files from Android to Whatsapp or Email

How To Send Large Video Files:- Want to send videos files to friend but it was big in size or want to capture video but the file size bother you. Well many users facing the same typical problem in everyday life file which is size is too big to share and yeah i have face the problem a lot in the past. When i first send my video on facebook to a friend it takes almost three hours to send a 1 minute video because of the high file size. Till now you are aware of the fact that you cannot share video file on whatsapp more than 16 MB which hinders me a lot in the past because many of my friends and probably your friends are active on the app. All mobile internet networks plans are limited which means you can only use one GB at some price point and i bet you not want to waste your mobile data bandwidth just to send one video. Well in cases like that we have two solution first is you compress your video and then send it and other is to reduce the quality of the camera before taking the video. So lets take a look at the brief of those solutions:-


How To Send Large Video Files on Whatsapp or Email

PS:- Both of these method reduce the quality of the video make sure you save the original video file elsewhere because once the video quality is reduced it will stay n that quality forever which means you cannot increase it quality to HD.

Method #1 Compressing

There are lot of video compressor available in the play store or for pc. You need to download them and compress your video file and then try to send it. I managed to convert 100 MB video to 9 MB video just by using video compressor. It saves a-lot of my time to sit and see the bar going to 100% while sending video. Just go through the completed guide on video compression to see how i compress my video.

Method #2 Camera Settings

This method is only work while you are about to record your video or want to record video in future. Change the settings of the camera to given below

Video Size : 320 x 240 for medium size you can reduce more to reduce video size.

Recording Mode: Choose recording mode to MMS.

Once those two settings are adjusts then record a new video you will see the change in size on your previous recorded video.

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