How To Scan Gmail Emails or Account For Virus and Malicious Activity

Scan Gmail Emails For Virus :- Today google company has updated a new feature to their gmail customer in which it is now easier to detect or scan any malicious or virus related activity on their account. Google Security App has posted a news that from now on all users of the gmail service will get notified about the messages they are receiving from senders are authenticated or not with the help of Sender Policy Framework Feature and DKIM.

From now on if gmail user receive a mail related to any kind of malicious activity security app will warn its user by giving question mark on senders profile example of the mark is shown in the images below :-


A question mark on profile picture will warn users that the link in these mails are highly risk and security app advice its user to take action on the mail more carefully. With this new security update many online scamming and hacking will be taken care of. However blogpost has stated that not all mail with question mark are dangerous users are advised to proceed with the link given at the mail more carefully. As for updates google has announced they will going to launch a new update in which they will encrypt all incoming and outgoing emails.

For more information and updates on how to scan gmail for malicious activity stay updated to this website.


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