How To Save or Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life

How to save Battery on Android:- Battery saving comes handy when your travelling from one place to another or going to a remote area or a trip where battery is not available. Back in the days when we power bank are not invented this techniques comes in handy a lot as for me i save battery in many location while travelling but with power bank it is not needed but power bank has its own limit to provide battery. When i am going on a long trip with friends for almost two or three days then i always activate the battery saving featuring just in case if i dont charge my power bank or smartphone anywhere. So today i am going to share with you how to save or increase battery life on your andorid smartphone devices whether it should be lollipop, marshamallow or kitkat.


Save or Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life

Technique #1 – Close Unwanted Apps

There are many apps running on your background without you even open them. Closing those applications will increase some of your battery life. In order to close those application open your taskbar and kill the apps.

Technique #2 – Decrease Brightness

Every smartphone uses the default brightness and contrast set by company. In order to save some battery just decrease the brightness and use the black colour wallpaper to increase your battery.

Technique #3 – Turn Off Connectivity When Not in Use

One of the major reasons of consuming fast battery are your android smartphone internet data, wifi and bluetooth. Turn these option off when not required results in saving a lot of battery life. If you want to listen song or watch video always wear headphone it will consume battery but not more than your smartphone speaker.

Technique #4 – Themes or Animated Wallpaper

Turn off or remove animated wallpaper and themes from your smartphone because it consumes a lot of battery life due to process the animated display.

Technique #5 – Use Battery Feature to Find the App

Every android operating system provided a battery option in which users can see which android app consume a lot of battery so you can adjust or remove the app to save some battery life. Just go to SETTINGS -> BATTERY here you find a list of app that consume battery on your device make a list of the app turn off remove for sometime to save battery life.

Technique #6 – Phone Vibration

Turn off phone vibration if you want to save battery for sometime. When you type message on your smartphone or chat with person on your social media app the phone vibrate when you type any key that function is known as haptic feedback to turn off haptic feedback just follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to settings and click on Sound and Display Option.
  2. Now scroll down to Haptic Feedback option and untick the checkbox to remove the option.

Technique #7 – Use of Apps

There are many apps on play store that do the trick to save your battery life but which are the best and reliable well dont worry there are plenty of reliable app i switch to new battery saving app every month but the most desired result provide me DU Battery Saver App and Battery Doctor. Just install the app and click on optimize button and it will do the rest of the work for you.

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