How To Hide Apps on Your Android Smartphone

How to Hide Apps on Android:- Are your friend or family members playing with your phone without your consent. Are you afraid that someone will see your personal app data or files stored in it? Well don’t worry because today i am going to share with a method and a app that just not your hide your app but it will also hide your videos, photos and messages data so you can be tension free from whoever person uses your phone. A lot of members of my website have asked me that it is possible to hide files not installing any app is there any feature in the android operating system to hide app. Well currently there is no android inbuilt function to hide your personal stuff using just android operating system but in future if the company has released any function or update related to hiding app i will add it in this section. So without any further wait i will show you the app and steps on how you can hide your app.


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How to Hide Apps on Android

There are plenty of app on play store that will hide your app on android smartphone but some of them i found buggy and not worthy of recommendation but i do recommend app name Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro. Sound long and weird right but the app do it’s trick and give almost every feature you need. The app has hiding options like Video, Audio, Music, Apps, Messages, Notes, Browser, Encryption and Lock Apps.

How this App Works

After the installation of the app you cannot see app name on menu. So how can you start it? Well after installation of the app a new app will appeared on the menu bar name AUDIO MANAGER. This is a disguise app to enter into hide app. Open the app double click on Audio Manager title given on top of the screen then a password window will appear if you have not enter just make password first on your installation. Once the password enter you will redirected to the main hide app option where you can hide or restore hidden app.

How To Hide App or Files

Follow the methods below to hide any files on the app

  1. Open AUDIO MANAGER and double click the title given at top of screen to Enter into Hide App Pro.
  2. Click on HIDE APPS option.
  3. On Hide App option click on + sign given at top right side.
  4. Now select the app you want to hide and click on button HIDE SELECTED button give at bottom of the screen.

How To Unhide App or Files

  1. On Hide App Pro click on HIDE APPS option.
  2. Now select the files from list to unhide the app.

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