How To Fix or Resolve Google Sync Error

Google Sync Error:- For a long time i am automatically receive updates notification from google about my new gmail emails and apps but for quite sometime i did not received any updates regarding to my google account. First i guess the updates is not released and no new email has been come to my inbox but when i open my gmail i got alot of email but my android phone does not show any notification regarding to the mail or updates. After realizing that the First thing that i do is check my internet connection but it is working fine then i check whether i receive other updates on my smartphone or not when i check for other updates regarding to game or app i purchased i am receiving that then i know that problem is with google account and later find out that my google account is not sync with google. I apply few methods which i mention in this post so you can fix those google sync error in no time. Lets see how to resolve the google sync error:-


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Fix or Resolve Google Sync Error

Below are the methods which i apply to fix the problem:-

Method Number 1

Firstly i check my google account is login with the account in most of case i see google account is automatically log-out account if your smartphone is not connected to internet for quite time so in this case you simply log-in to your account by clicking in gmail icon given in your android device home screen and the problem will fix in my case this is not the problem.

This problem also occurred if you update your security settings or password just sign-in to your account to fix.

Method Number 2

With this method i will start receiving updates back from google obviously which i like. In second method you need to remove your account from settings page and re-enter the same account. If you want to change your account for example if you have two mail accounts you can add there too. Let’s see how you will delete or add account.

Delete Account

  1. Go to settings and click on account and sync.
  2. Select the account and on option click on delete button.

Add Account

  1. Go to Account And Sync.
  2. On bottom of the page click on ADD ACCOUNT button to add your gmail account. You can add multiple account if you want.
  3. After adding gmail account restart you device to fix the problem.

Bonus Method Number 3

If both above methods failed and you cannot receive updates that only mean you smartphone is infected by malware, virus, bug or any kind of third party app updates or install. To fix that error first clean your smartphone with antivirus app and then wipe out entire data by hard reset method. Once its done then reenter your gmail address to resolve the google sync error.

These are by far the best method to recover from google sync error. If you are facing problem related to the problem write down your query on comment section.

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