How To Fix or Resolve Android Error Code 504

How to Fix Error Code 504 :- Every android users have face this 504 error once in a lifetime on their android device. As we all know the error is occurred when you downloading or update any app from google play store. Dont worry its a common error and can be resolved within first method if its not a troublesome error. The reason of the problem could many such as download a third party app which collide with google play store data, low storage space, internet connection is slow or cache problem. Like i tell you the issue could be any so i am giving you not just one but four methods on how to fix the error if it occurred in your smartphone.


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Android Error Code 504

Method 1 – Switch Off and On Airplane Mode

This sound strange but most the time it worked just switch on your airplane mode and then switch off. Connect your smartphone to the internet and install the app. If you are using mobile data plan then there is a possibility that your internet gateway connection is time-out from google play service this might result in your gmail id is temporary disconnected from play store so the error 504 is displayed when you download the app.

Method 2 – Clearing Cache

As i mentioned earlier the error might come if the previous version of the data collide with the one or other software old data will interfere. In order to fix the error just go to:-

  1. Close every running app on your android phone.
  2. Now go to SETTINGS and then click on APPS.
  3. Now click on ALL Tab given on top screen
  4. On all app search google play store app and click on it.
  5. On Play Store App click on Clear Data or Cache and the click on back.
  6. Now search for google service framework and also clear its data and cache.
  7. Restart your device and the problem you see before will resolved.

Method 3 – Fixing By Third Party App Uninstall

It might be a possibility that the error is occurred by installing third party app from untrusted source whose data might be collide with pay store. Just uninstall the app by going to Settings -> Apps -> All -> THIRD PARTY APP and restart your device the problem will be fixed.

Method 4 – Remove and the Add your Google Account

If in any case none if this solution work for you then your last resort is to first remove your google account and the add it again. To do that follow the below steps:-

  1. Go To Settings and then click on Account and Sync.
  2. On Account and Sync page you see your gmail account click on it and it will take you to Sync Settings.
  3. In this page click on three dot line given at top right of screen and then click on remove account.
  4. Once you remove account click on add account given at bottom right of page.
  5. Follow the add account steps once your gmail account is connected reboot your device and rerun the play store app.

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