How To Download and Use Tubemate For Android Devices

Tubemate For Android :- Every time i watch youtube video from the website i think it could be fun if i can watch it anytime and anywhere. But bad luck youtube does not allowed you to download their videos but it launch a service back in 2014 that you can save youtube video and watch it for later which indeed help alot of users but for movie beef and song addicted like me required a lot of data to see and watch. I searched almost every tool on the internet to make this thing happen and alot of tools actually work from where i can able to download the video but in the end the result are not much good as i am expected in some case the audio i am listening is poor and in some case video. So after long time spends on searching i finally found a tool that is worth downloading which is TUBEMATE.


First of all it almost works in every android device off-course the android version should be greater than v2.3 with everyone in this time of advance technology world. OK Enough tell me about the tubemate you might all say that so let me tell the tubemate not only download video but it can also download audio copy of the video in MP3 format which save a lot of space on my disk and all the downloaded content saved on the SD card which indeed my favourite spot to save. So let’s take a look how to download and use tubemate for android devices :-

How to Download TubeMate for Android Devices

Warning for the viewers you found many fake tubemate app from various location so it is advised do not download from there it might infect your smartphone with malware download from trusted source which i given below:-

  1. Go to the following website “”.
  2. Click on any feature location logo and it will redirect to download location.
  3. Click on download link and install the app.

How to Use Tubemate For Android Device

OKOK now i install the app how can i use the app to download video. To do download video or audio from youtube follow the below steps given:-

  1. Open Tubemate For Android app.
  2. Search for the video by click on search tab given at top right section.
  3. Like youtube it will show number of result based on your query click on video you like.
  4. On video play screen you can see a green download button at the bottom of the screen click on it.
  5. Once you click on green button it will display you want to watch or download click on download.
  6. On download screen choose the resolution in which you want to download or choose MP3 if you want to download audio track.
  7. Once you choose the option a download option will be visible.

For more information on how to use Tubemate For Android stay updated to latestnewstech.

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