How To Create A Video Ad in Pinterest

Create A Video Ad in Pinterest :- Pinterest company has launched its own ad platform similar to facebook where user of the website can know promote their video by paying some fees. According to report the beta version of the program is now available to promote video.

In Beta Version the new sponsored video can only play for upto 5 minute and it will still remain native to pinterest platform. Unlike other video ads this video ad will only run when user is scrolling through their daily feeds . The ad will stop once the user is stop scrolling. The sponsored will be featured between the feeds and user can click-through the video anytime he like to see he video in different video. To create your video ad in pinterest follow the below steps :-


How To Create A Video Ad in Pinterest

Below are the step by step methods to create a video ad in pinterest:-

  1. Go through the following url and click on create business account.
  2. Now Type Your Business Name area of Business and enter website and click on create or convert.
  3. Once your account is converted you can go through this url to create video ads or you can check your analytics using this url
  4. On ads pinterest url scroll down to bottom and choose any of the following Awareness campaigns, Engagement campaigns, Traffic campaigns.
  5. Choose any of the following and click on promote button giving next to each section.
  6. Now you will redirect to campaign set you campaign price, name and daily or life tome budget and click on pick pin to select pin and follow the steps to create you first ad.

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