How To Compress a Captured or Downloaded Video in Android

How to Compress a Video in Android:- Have you captured a video through your smartphone camera and now want to share it with your friends or family members via whatsapp or other social media account? Did you Download alot of video on your phone storage and now not have any space to store more. The reason could be any that you to compress a video but confuse on how to do that. Don’t worry because today i am going to share this information with you that how you can compress a video which is stored on your android device but first let me tell you something about compression.


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How Video Compression Works

The video compression is work on the principal of QUALITY REDUCTION many of you figure by know what it means. When you compress your video file through any video compressor software or app out there your quality of the video affects a lot. For example if you want to reduce the size of AVI and you choose MP4 conversion you video size reduce a lot but affect your quality when you open your file in any media player you see some blurriness in video and some distortion in audio files.

Make sure when you reduce any video through video compressor you save a copy of the original video elsewhere because you can decrease the quality of the video but not increase it.

How to Compress a Video in Android

Currently there are two ways to compress a video once is through your camera before you make a video or one is though video compressor software. Lets see how both of these works:-

Reduce Video Size Through Your Smartphone Camera

As i tell you this method is only used when you planned to make a video. Just open your camera and go to settings -> reduce the picture quality to SD -> and set resolution to minimum as possible.

Reduce Video Size Through Video Compression

To do that follow the steps given below:-

  1. Open your Play Store App and type Video Converter Android.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Locate your video folder and choose a video to converter.
  4. After choosing a video click on Convert button.
  5. One you click on convert then you will redirect to convert video option.
  6. On Profile option choose Manual then a list of converting option will available.
  7. Now on Container choose which video format you want to convert i choose MP4.
  8. On codec choose option h.264.
  9. On resolution choose option 480 x 360 pixels.
  10. On Audio option always choose MP3 and click on convert button.

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