How To Check Internet Data Usage on Your Android Devices

How To Check Internet Data Usage on Android:- Ever wonder why is your smartphone internet data has been consumed so fast. As we all know that there are two reasons that affect internet usages and those two reasons are downloading and surfing. Well we can easily count the data we download from internet but we always forgot or do not check the internet data used on surfing and this may cause the internet to stop early if you are using pre-paid connection or get high bill for using internet data if you are using post-paid connection. If you want to avoid over-billing and internet to stop early you have to constantly check the data usages of your smartphone data plan. At first i have face a lot of problem to monitor my data plan but after using these methods i can easily check how much data is left in my plan so i can use the data when need and disconnect when not needed in the same month.


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How To Check Internet Data Usage on Android

Currently there are two methods to check your data plan that are by phone settings and android app.

Check Internet Usage by Phone Settings

  1. Go to settings and click on DATA USAGE.
  2. On Top of the page select the SIM tab on which you are running data plan.
  3. Now you will see in detail how much you consumed your data.
  4. Make sure you select the data cycle range to see the result when you activate your plan to till date.

PS:– What if i am using WIFI how can i monitor my internet data?? well dont worry to monitor your wifi data Go to data usage and click on three DOT line given at top right side and then click on WIFI a new tab will appear then click on WIFI tab to view the result of WIFI data.

Check Internet Usage by App

There are lot of app that provide internet data usage result but i am currently using and recommended an app name Check Data Usage by Systweak. Rather than checking internet usage user of the app also set the data plan on their smartphone. This mean that if your smartphone has 1 GB of data limit you can set the data plan feature when the consumption of your smartphone data reach to 1 GB then it will notify you that your internet consumption is now over Convenient isn’t it.

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