How To Book Uber Cab For Family and Friend

Book Uber Cab For Family and Friend :- Today uber company has roll out a new app update from which on existing users of the uber app can now book a cab to their family members or friends and can pay for their ride. This feature is has been launched specially for someone who does not have uber registered account or does not have the app installed on their device. Recently uber company has launched a new portal similar to this new feature name dial uber. To use this new feature “Request a ride for other” you need to update your smartphone app to the latest version available online. So lets take a look at the step on how to make a cab booking for your friends.


Uber Cab For Family and Friend

Follow the below steps to book a cab for others :-

  1. First update the app to latest version and open your app.
  2. Now enter the pin and pickup location for the person you are requesting to book ride for.
  3. After you selecting the location for pick-up a pop up window appear asking who is the the ride for?
  4. Select the option for someone else and enter his phone number or if the contact in your phone list choose from there.
  5. Now uber will ask for payment method there are two methods to pay either you can pay electronic or the person will cash on the arrival of destination.
  6. After confirming the payment uber will sent two messages to you and the person you are booking cab for.

PS :- The uber will send contact number of the person from whom you bike the ride for pickup coordination and the the person who book the cab can track the location of the cab.

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