Fixing Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped :- When you open your google play store to install apps and you get this message sound frustrated isn’t it well there is no need to worry this is one of the common error in android and its fixes are easy generally it fixes in one or two attempt’s. But if the error is prolong for more than two attempts then this error gives a headache because there is not only one reason for the messages to appeared there are more than 5 reason for the problem to appeared which i discuss briefly in this page. In many cases the problem is solved with-in first two fixes mentioned specially if you are using samsung or xiaomi phones. If the problem is not resolved using first two methods stated then it may take a long time to fix. Now let’s take a look at the problem and see the solution for the same:-

Fix Unfortunately-Google-Play-Services-Has-Stopped

Reason and Fixes for Unfortunately google play services has stopped

Reason Number 1:- A simple Restart

Fix Number 1:- Sometime restarting the device may fix the problem just reboot the device and try again if this step does not work then we moved to step number 2.

Reason Number 2:- Problem in Cache

Fix Number 2:- In second reason you need to clear google play store cache. To do that follow the below steps

  1. Go to Settings and click on APPS.
  2. On Apps click on All tab to list all the application installed.
  3. Scroll down and click on app Google Play Service and then click on CLEAR CACHE.
  4. Now click back and locate another app named GOOGLE SERVICE FRAMEWORK and then click on CLEAR CACHE.
  5. Click back and find the last remaining app name GOOGLE PLAY STORE and click on it.
  6. On GOOGLE PLAY STORE page click on CLEAR CACHE and that it now your app will run

Reason Number 3:- Internet or Wi-fi problem

Fix Number 3:- Check your internet services first. See if you can connect to other website check whether your computer is on internet or intranet. Check your internet settings whether they block google site or play service or not if everything is clear and your smartphone is still get the message we should move to step number two.


Reason Number 4:- Third Party app or Malware

Fix Number 4:- Sometime installing a third party app might store the unwanted data or your smartphone got infected by malware virus that might trigger this error message. In order to fix it uninstall the third party app before the error is started and reboot your device.

Reason Number 5:- Update to new Operating System

Fix Number 5:- Sometime updating the operating system might fix the issue but it is time consuming. Just got to Settings >> About >> Updates or System Updates. Once you click on update it will show any new update available. If any update is available install and rerun the play store service.

Reason Number 6:- Problem with System Configuration

Fix Number 6:- Make sure you take backup of your phone data before try to attempt hard reset method because this method will erase all of your phone data. Perform a hard with the keys mentioned here once your phone is restarted the play store might run.

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