BSNL New Broadband Plan Experience Unlimited BB 249

BSNL New Broadband Plan :- BSNL has today launched a new promotional broadband plan named Unlimited BB 249 to give competition to its new rival broadband internet provider reliance jio. In previous segment we discuss about that internet plans about to be increasing and now it is happening to start. This new promotional plan is available for only new customer so existing customer can not migrate to this plan. The promotional period time is only till 31st October for now on so new users are advised to take plan right away.



The new 249 unlimited plan featured 2 MBPS connection speed in which user can download content from website at the speed of around 250 KBPS the speed will be downgraded when the limit of downloading reach to 1 GBPS. After downgraded the speed the user will get the speed of 1 MBPS which is unlimited all month long. But there is a catch in the plan the user will only get this plan for first six month and after that the plan will be converted to Rs. 499 but the bandwidth of the plan will remain the same.

If you want to get this connection now BSNL service is also give you relaxing for installation charges. BSNL will also waived off the installation charges during this promotional period so user need to pay little or no charges to installation according to some condition. When talking about BSNL connection most of the user want to know about monthly rental of the plan they get so i tell you now about the monthly rental of this connection user will only have to pay 49 rs monthly rental when getting this connection which is very good for a broadband plan like that.

As we compare the plan with reliance company jio the user will get free local calling all over india for free but it has 4 GB of data limit after which the speed is plummeted to 128 KBPS which not bad for surfing web but for watching video you need to upgrade or purchase bandwidth.

With this promotional BSNL company will also provide free calling to any mobile operator in india on Sundays between 9 am to 7 pm and you will be charge rs.1 for 3 minutes calling to any BSNL number and rs 1.20 for 3 minute calling to any operator in india.

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