Android 6.0 Marshmallow Wiki and Features

Android 6.0 Marshmallow :- Android marshmallow is the sixth version of google android operating system. The new android marshmallow is launched on October 2015 and user started to give updated on November via OTA to selected devices given at the website platform. The new marshmallow update has improved the overall structure and user interface for users. With the 6.0 update user get the support for fingerprint recognition and  USB Type-C  Connectors.

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After using the installed updates on my device i found a new feature named doze which saves battery according to work. As per user interface nothing is much more change expect for some new style of icons are used but feature wise a lot of feature has been added in this new upgrade which will be mentioned in this segment. After the release of marshmallow the first nexus smartphone was the first who start to receive its first updates. The list of smartphone which receive its first updates was Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 phones, Nexus 9 tablet and other nexus phone.


At first it was glitch but loaded with some bloatware but after the progression of update its previous fault has been removed. On December 2015 a new update has been released for marshamallow named 6.0.1 many previous glitch or fault take into consideration and updated a new patch for operating system. The new features include in this update was security update, emojis, untill next alarm system in DND mode. Now let’s talk about what new feature is included in new android 6.0 marshmallow operating.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

1) Google Now on Tap

On top of our feature list of marshmallow we like this feature a lot and its name google now on tap with this new feature user can get more detail about the content they are currently viewing by long pressing home button. For example if you are searching for itunes music then more information related to the itunes music will be displayed on your screen after you press home button for long time.

2) Direct Share

Another cool feature introduced in marshmallow is direct share what it does is it will share everything u watch on internet like sharing photos and videos to Friend or close one via sending it as link. Everything you do google has saved a shortcut of the path on their cloud storage with this new feature you can easily share those links direct to your friend.

3) Use MicroSD Card as Primary Storage

Unlike previous version this new marshmallow operating  allow its user to store data on SD card which is not possible untill know. Many application not allow users to install app on phone and at the time of installation the app is always downloaded on phone storage and later you moved the app to phone storage but with this new feature user can download or store any app data to SD card and can make it as primary storage device.

4) FingerPrint API

While we have seen many new smartphone launched this year that have the feature fingerprint facility on their smartphone this new operating system has also support the function which is gaining popularity is smartphone industry.

5) Redesigned Permission Model

First we have seen when we install the app on any android device its show us the permission dialogue box and when we wanna remove any one of the permission of the app it does not let us do but with this new model installed inbuilt in the app the user can now choose which permission have to give to this new model in this case we feel lots safe while installing the app.

6) Copy Paste Made Simple in New OS

In the previous version of the android operating system we have seen that when you copy something like new text you have to go to the top buttons to copy for e.g when you long press on content area a few button on top appeared to copy or paste the selected area but in this new version of operating system this will not be the case. When you want to copy something in this new version you just long press the button and a pop-up icon will appear just on top of the selected text to copy it which might come in handy.

7) Pay for Anything using Android Pay

A new app has been installed in this new platform named android pay from which user can now purchase anything online using this new app. This new app stores your credit or debit card credentials on the app and let you purchase using credit and debit card during that time. However if you lost the phone somewhere google will cover this thing for you it will automatically erase all your credentials using android device managers.

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