Alcatel Vision VR Headset Specifications and Price In India

Alcatel Vision VR Headset :- Alcatel company has announced to launched it’s first vr headset named vision. The main feature of this new headset that will differ him from the rest of vr headset like oculus and HTC Vive are that the device will not tethering with laptop or smartphone. Instead of running on laptop or smartphone the Alcatel Vision device will run on android system when it come out of the box which means you will not need to but new accessories like upgraded smartphone or systems that can run the device smoothly.


We have seen that VR headset like oculus rift and htc vive need a lot of hardware specifications to run the device smoothly otherwise it is glitchy or not perform well. But with this new headset user not need to upgrade devices and can play android games at the experience of virtual headset. The Alcatel company state that we make the design of this new headset according to users specifications like lightweight and user-friendly. So lets take a look at the specifications of this new device :-

Alcatel Vision VR Headset Specifications

Below are the specifications of vision VR headset:-


Alcatel Vision come with 3.8-inch AMOLED screens which is good to display vivid colors and has the resolution of 1080 x 1020 pixels for displaying great pictures per frame.

Storage and Ram

The new headset will come with 3 GB of Ram which is highly recommend for every gamers or those who do run big apps and it also has 32 GB of internal storage for storing apps.


In this device you will get accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensors which is requirement for any smartphone gaming player.

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Other Technology

Apart from basic VR headset alcatel company has also take care of basic needs of users that will required like WiFi, and Bluetooth Connectivity. The device is also recognized myopia level of human and adjust the light and zoom according to the level of user which means you not need to put glasses to play the games on this device which is very good feature.


Last but not the user will get the battery of upto 3000 mAh which can lasts for almost three hours continuously while playing game on the device as per company statement.

Alcatel Vision VR Headset Price in India

According to source the alcatel VR will be available to purchase at the price of  Rs. 40,599 in india and €599 in UK.


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