6 Top Rated Android Apps That are Similar to Whatsapp

Apps similar to Whatsapp :- Whatsapp is the most used social networking app in the world. In 2016 the app has reached the milestone of over 1 billion registered users on their app. The website lets its users to chat with saved contacts on phone number, send files, photos and videos and share user location. After using the app for quite some-time some people might opt in a new social platform app with the same feature. So today i am sharing with you the best 6 android app that are similar or alternative to whatsapp.

Apps- similar-to-Whatsapp

Apps Similar to Whatsapp

1.) Hike

Hike messaging app is founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal and this app is quite similar and alternative to whatsapp. The feature include in this apps are similar to whatsapp but the app has fresh emoticons and stickers and with this app user can also send voice messaging. Hike app was launched in december 2012 and in such short time the app has reached the user database of over 100 million users in india only which is why it come into the list of top rated app similar to whatsapp.

2.) KakaoTalk

Kakao talk is another great rival to whatsapp in term of its features. The app is currently not well known in other countries because its korean based social platform with 93 percent user of the app are koreans but with this app user can make friends by using kakao id and add the specific person contact number to its phone contact list, and with this app user can download hundred of games through third party and can play with friend a must try app.

3.) Facebook Messenger

As we already what facebook is let me tell you little about its messenger app. The messenger app has similar to facebook website which is using your facebook contact list and can instant messenger, video calling and or sending audio message to one of your contact list. The app only support features of chatting means to search or browse profile you need to open your facebook website.

4.) Line

Line yet another rival of whatsapp with some unique features that are missing in whatsapp. The app offer its users features like VoIP conversations, Coupons, a timeline, video snapping and video conference with group of friends. The app is widely popular in many asian countries and it reach the total 700 million registered members in 2015. The app is also providing free 1 GB file sharing through their platform which make the app more unique and features similar to whatsapp.

5.) BBM

BBM is also know by its name Blackberry messenger is a app that lets its user send instant messages, voice calling and video chatting support. The app was released in 2005 and not yet very popular like line and facebook but some unique features in the app make it more interesting to use it. The app gives more power to admins of the group, change chat status and self destructing message after certain period of time which will make it must try app after using whatsapp.

6.) Telegram

On the last of the list telegram is yet another good example of best app available in android or ios platform. The app comes with many unique features that are missing in whatsapp which are self-destruct messages, support upto 1.5 GB file sharing, gif image support that make the app come to come in top 6 list of app similar to whatsapp.

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