5 Reason Your Snapchat Won’t Open Now Fixed

Snapchat Won’t Open :- Many users of snapchat sometime face this weird option when they sign-in to your account then their account will not let them log-in and send them back to the home page. The same thing happen to me thrice and then i thoroughly study about what cause this problem and how we can fix it and come to conclusion that there are 5 reason that cause your snapchat won’t open and how we can fix it. Every-time i use these solution my smartphone will successfully log-in to account. So let’s take a look the solution that you might still when your snapchat get blocked or not open :-


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Reasons That Cause Snapchat Not Open

1) Snapchat Update

The most common problem that not let your account to log-in that user never updates the snapchat so my first recommendation to snapchat users is to update the snapchat app on the smartphone. To update the snapchat app just follow the steps:-

  1. Open play store app and click on MY APPS and GAMES
  2. Now you will see list of installed apps click on Snapchat
  3. Now click on update then wait for some-time for the app to be installed the app and reboot the device.

2) Server Side Issue

Sometime snapchat server is updated or down that may cause the problem to not log-in to your account. So wait for the time being to resolve the problem and then try to log-in to your account. Usually this kind of problem not last for not more than 24 hours.

3) Reinstall Snapchat

There might be a reason that your snapchat account may hacked, reconfigured or corrupt when you install third party software from other sources or some other app using the same properties and coding that may hurt your snapchat so it would wise if you reinstall the app and reboot the device. Once it’s done then open snapchat app log-in to your account.

4) Clear Your History Files

Another reason that will not let you open your account is the history of the app not worry it even happen with celebrity who use snapchat. Most of the cases we see users does not properly close the app like sign-out the app then close instead simply close the app in this case your session with snapchat is still running and when you log-in to your account it won’t let you because the session is still not close. In order to fix this you have to clear every history detail along with file and then reboot the phone.

5) Case of Virus or Malware

As the name said there might be a chance that your smartphone may hit by malware virus while browsing through some website or installing software. In this case install the antivirus software and scan your smartphone once its done reboot the smartphone.

Bonus Tip:-  It might be possibility that your account may be blocked by snapchat company so you will have unblocked it first.

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