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Unlock Snapchat Account :- There are lot of user who have complaint regarding their account will be locked by snapchat. Recently we have seen many case of locked of account most of them are seen on social giant twitter and forums. This problem can be caused by many activities that user has performed and it is sometime impossible to detect which problem caused the account to be blocked. After receiving alot of complaint this problem is now mark as common between users. We have also seen many tweaks and solution by expert is that really work for you if no then today i will share with you the top 5 best way to unlock your snapchat account but first we identify what problem may cause to unlock your smartphone.


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Problems That Cause Snapchat Locked

The below mention problem may be cause to lock your snapchat account :-

Cause #1

Snapchat can be locked if you not verify account. This mean if you not verify your phone number or sometime change your email address or delete your email address and not verify with the snapchat it may be cause to unlock your smartphone.

How To Fix or Unlock Snapchat Account

Fix the problem by going through your settings in your smartphone and tap on email and change email and click button verify email same with phone number. If you can’t login to your smartphone then follow the link to unlock http://spr.ly/unlock.

Cause #2

Snapchat may lock your account if you violate the policy or guideline. This mean if you send message to unknown people to sell item or promoting any product any product your account may be unlock.

How To Fix or Unlock Snapchat Account

If you have done something dont worry there is a way to unlock your account follow the link http://spr.ly/unlock and login to your account click on the yellow button to unlock your account this may take few hour to unlock the device.

Cause #3

Snapchat may close your account if it see that your are using third party software for hack or tweaking snapchat. Some directly or indirectly violate the policy of snapchat so that’s why it is recommended for user that they only download or install app from trusted sources like itunes or play store.

How To Fix or Unlock Snapchat Account

If you have done something dont worry because there is are two way to unlock which is given below

Solution Number 1

First is follow the link spr.ly/unlock which is mentioned above and then remove any third party app within one hour of time.

Solution Number 2

Write a Tweet to the official snapchat account on twitter and tell them about what problem you are facing.

Solution Number 3

If you still facing the problem of any kind of third party app install or your phone is not unlock you need to wipe out your all phone storage data and reinstall the snapchat and follow the unlock procedure.

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  1. Kristen

    Hi my name is kristen and I’m 13 years old. My little sister was messing around on my phone and had gone on to Snapchat. Somehow she had changed the age on my account causing it to permanently lock my account. Please could you unlock my account. It would be very very helpful as It is the only way of contacting my friends. Thanks


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