Lenovo A7000 Update or Upgrade To Marshmallow

Lenovo A7000 Upgrade To Marshmallow:- Android company has roll-out a new operating system each year with unique features and improvement has been added to that OS. After seeing or hear about the new features many users who currently have the old version of the android operating system want to upgrade to the new OS but the android company only release updates for few and most used smartphone so how other smartphone users can upgrade to the new operating system? Well if you are searching for this option then you came to the right place because today i am going to share information on how you can upgrade your Lenovo A7000 smartphone to Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

Before Update

There are important steps to be considered before upgrading your smartphone to marshmallow OS which are given below:

  1. You need to save your phone data on your SD card and remove the card before starting this process.
  2. Make sure your smartphone battery is at least 70% but it is advisable to plug your smartphone with the charger.
  3. IF you are updating your smartphone via OTA make sure you have fast internet access because the file size of the marshmallow update is at least 1.3 GB.
  4. Before starting the process it is advisable to free your smartphone disk space to at least 2 GB.

News and How to Install the Marshmallow Updates Via OTA

On April 2016 Android has launched OTA for A7000 and various other lenovo devices such as K3 Note etc. Users can now upgrade their device to marshmallow with just one click on button thanks to Over The Air (OTA) update. Since this smartphone received the OTA you just have to follow the simple steps mentioned below to update your smartphone to marshmallow:-

  1. First go to your smartphone SETTINGS.
  2. Then scroll down and tap on option ABOUT PHONE.
  3. Now click on SOFTWARE UPDATE option and wait for few seconds to load the updates you can now seen the option to upgrade to marshmallow. Press the download button given at the bottom of the page to begin download.

Lenovo A7000 Manually Upgrade

In case if you haven’t seen any option of software update then there is only one option available for every android users which is manual update. This one’s a little trickier because in this case you need to have skill related to troubleshooter or required good amount of coding skills. This option is not recommended to users who does not have any technical skills because you might end up losing your firmware which might be hard to recover.

Taking Backup First

First of all we need to take backup just in case something went wrong during the installation:-

  1. Connect your phone with laptop via USB Cable.
  2. If your smartphone operating system is booted and your phone is switched one it will be connected.
  3. Download and install TunesGo Software on your PC and then open the software.
  4. Once you open the software locate tab ToolBox give at top main selection bar.
  5. On toolbox click on button BACKUP DEVICE.
  6. Now tick on the check-box you want to take back-up, choose destination and click on button backup.

Upgrading Through Software

First Step:- Download and install the Android SDK Software from official website and install it on your computer.

Second Step:- Right Click on My Computer and then click on Properties.

Third Step:- Now click on Advanced System Settings and then click on Environment Variables.

Fourth Step:- Under users variable click on NEW and on VARIABLE NAME type Android_Home and on VARIABLE NAME type your SDK Folder Path and click OK button.

Fifth Step:-  Now enable your smartphone USB debugging option by following the step by step guide.

Sixth Step:- Now download the factory image file of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS on your computer and then connect your smartphone via USB cable.

Seventh Step:- Once connected boot your smartphone into fast-boot by holding the keys POWER + VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN.

Eighth Step:- Now open the command terminal on your computer and execute the command “flash-all.bat” and watch the files being installed on your smartphone.

Ninth Step:- Once the necessary files are installed reboot your device and enjoy running Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system on your smartphone.

Note: We are also providing information on how to hard reset your Lenovo A7000 smartphone.

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