PC to Mobile Free Calls In India Website List

 Websites which provide pc to mobile free calls in india. With these website you can make call anywhere in india for free.

1. Crowdcall

With crowdcall you can call upto 40 countries include India. To do that you have to

1) Visit crowdcall.me website
2) click on get started and Registered with your email address
3)just verify your email address
4) now step 1 select call my browser
5)step 2 add recipient if you want to call india use country code “919852xxxx51”
6)step 3 click on call now

enjoy daily 5 free calls ……….and you can registered as many email address as you want…..

2. Gmail

Now you can free call to any mobile using gmail. Let’s see how’s its done

PC to Mobile Free Calls In India

PC to Mobile Free Calls In India

  • When you click the call button a new calling tab appears
  • If the voice plugin is not install it gives a message to install after installed the plugin a pad appear on your right with numbers on it
  • Dial the Number and call anywhere in the world.

PS: there is 2 hours time limit of free call in one day.

3. FCall

With fcall you can make free call anywhere in india for 20 minutes which will divided into 4min. Means you can call in india 5 times a day and the call duration would be 4 minutes. Fcall Also provide free SMS serviceof upto 460 chracter in one SMS.

How to Get

  • Register a new account
  • You will receive a SMS Verification Code and verify the code login to main menu
  • Click on make call from top menu
  • Enter the number and press call button
  • First Fcall Will Call You On Your Number after u pick up the call it will connect to the number you enter

For All Website Note:– You Need headset in order call to mobile phones.

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