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Breland Emory Snapchat :- Breland Emory is an American Youtube and Internet Personality who was born and raised in Louisiana, United States. She is best known for posting DIY videos on her youtube channel named “GlitterForever17”. She has ammassed over 3.4 million subscribers on her channel just by uploading mostly quirky DIY videos. She has secured the top 30th spot of NYX new face awards held in 2012. Breland never thought that her channel gained that much popular basically she started youtube to gain applause from audience and some quick cash but after each video her channel become popular and reached the mark of million in no-time. Before youtube she is doing full time work at a retail store but after the success of her channel she is now a part of Seventeen Social Club. She has worked with various brands such L’Oreal, Bop & Tigerbeat Magazine, Splat Hair Dye, Coastal Scents, and rue21 and also promote the product “Sparkle With Glitter” on her video.



At first Breland Emory is alone working on video but sooner after the channel gaining decent amount of subscriber her mother joined the channel and helping her daughter. Currently her mother is manager of her daughter and also seen in some videos. In Breland video she also featured her husband named Slava Avdeev. Breland currently collaborated with various other youtubers and even seen on their videos.

Breland Emory Snapchat

You can add Breland Emory to your snapchat account by following this url “” or you can search him on snapchat by entering her username brelandsnaps.

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