Bethany Mota Snapchat Username [Updated 2017]

Bethany Mota Snapchat :- Bethany Mota is an Popular American Vlogger and Internet Celebrity who is best known for posting fashion related video on her youtube channel with the name of “Macbarbie07”. She started her youtube channel in June 2008 by uploading fashion product review her channel gains immense popularity when she started to post haul videos. In the time-span of more than 9 years her channel garnered more than 10 million subscribers.

Early Life and Career Beginning

Bethany Mota was born on 7th November 1995. She attended high school till sixth grade and later quit her school and completed her studying as home-schooled. According to sources bullying was the reason for her to quit school and to overcame the stress of being bullied by school-mate she started her youtube channel by making haul videos. After seeing the success and fan following of Bethany many fashion brands tried to approach her to market their own brand and she did promote alot of product on her channel but at the end of video she always told to fans that she try the product or not. Apart from making youtube video she is also participate as a contestant in dancing reality show “Dancing with the Stars” but eliminated from the show at the finals.



Bethany Mota Snapchat

You can add Bethany Mota to your snapchat account by following this url “” or you can search him on snapchat by entering her username thebethnoel.

Other Social Media Profile

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