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Becky G Snapchat :- Snapchat is getting bigger everyday with lot of celebrity and users are joining the network so it is getting difficult to track the record of each your favourite celebrity snapchat profile. Unlike other social media profile snapchat app does not have a profile link you can only add the celebrity to your account if you have their username. So in order to make your work fast i will find and add the list of those celebrity snapchat accounts on this website.

Becky G Early Life and Career Beginning

Becky G aka Rebbeca Marie Gomez is a popular american actress singer and model who was born in Inglewood, California, United States. She is best known for his work as an actress and singer in hollywood industry. She spent most of her child-hood in poverty line but the situation became worse when her parents lost their home. She was only nine years old till that time while her parents force to live in a garage of their grandparent’s house. After seen their parents suffering from financial crises she decide to do something for them so she joined a part time job and became aid to their parents problems. Incident like this in life broke almost every person but she became even much mature and sensible at her tender age.

As the time pass by she resume her schooling as well pursuing for commercial and voice over work in entertainment industry but she did not last long in school because she was bullied by her own classmate and at the end she is drop out from school and decided to join full time career in music industry. As for her required education she completes her education as homeschooled. Becky career as singer and actress begin at the age of 11 years old when she was selected for the role of “Claudia Gómez” in short film El Tux. At that time she does not think to forge her career in one straight direction she is doing work for family but she sooner realize her mistakes and known that she likes music rather than acting. After working in 2 short films she joined a girl music group named G.L.A.M and released a music song with the name of “Jelly bean”. The music song did not attract the audience like the group expected it should be so instead of waiting around becky decided to launch a youtube channel in 2011 in which she started to post music video related to music cover.


Becky G Musical Success

By regularly posting cover music song on her channel she started to receive the attention from viewers. To perform even better for her upcoming music songs she learned various instrument such as guitar and piano and implement those instrument in her next upcoming songs. Apart from making music covers videos she is also writing her own song which she did not know that it could opened a new world of possibility for her. Her written song caught attention when she was been friend with rock band “The Jam” team members. The Jam member appreciate her writing style and wanted to work with gomez as soon as possible. The trio started worked together and make the songs titled “Otis”, “Lighters”, “Novacane”, “Take Care”, “Boyfriend”. Gomez career just begin to rose with these songs will become a part of her own mixtape named “itsbeckygomez” but the work did not go smoothly and project is lost during the way of its release.

Just as she think about the career is not going well in music industry her song came into attention of biggest music star such as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. After seeing her performance song “Otis” she was called for a meet up and result end with gomez joining the band and for starter playing the music for the group. Not just her music capabilities but her voice is also judge in the meet-up so that career can be elevated to singer. Shortly After signing the contract with Kemosabe Records her career as singer beginning to rise when the company announced to focus her career in singing by releasing her debut album. In 2012 her debut single has been released named “Problem” which was later remixed and into “Problem (The Monster Remix)”. She rose to fame and recognized worldwide for her performance as singer in “Shower” song released in 2014.

Becky G Snapchat

You can add Becky G to your snapchat account by following this url “” or you can search him on snapchat by entering his username beckygofficial. In this section we are also providing a link to go directly to the celebrity snapchat profile just click here to visit the profile.

Other Social Media Profile

Follow Becky G on Facebook:-

Updates about her upcoming events, latest song and best moments related to her life can be seen on her social media account facebook by following the username @iambeckyg or you can directly go to her profile by following this link.

Follow Becky G on Twitter:-

She often shares her music teaser trailer related information, link to her music on spotify and event related pictures on her twitter account. Follow her account by entering username @iambeckyg or directly go to her account by going through this url.

Follow Becky G on Youtube :-

Becky has shared her official video songs on youtube channel named”BeckyGVEVO”. The channel has successfully amassed more than 4.8 million subscriber till now. You can directly go to her youtube channel by following this link.

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