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How To Increase Android Internet Speed [2G, 3G or even 4G]

Increase Android Internet Speed:- Increasing internet speed is always a hot topic on internet and many users follows many tweaks and tricks to obtain good speed but in reality whatever trick they use it does not work because the internet speed is depend on the plan they purchase from the telecom company. They can slightly increase… Read More »

How To Block Calls on Any Android Smartphone

How To Block Calls on Android:- Are you annoyed by persistent person who call you everyday? Or do you want to avoid the person for sometime or permanently well the call blocking service helps you to block the person from calling you. Currently there are three ways to activate the service on your smartphone which are… Read More »

How To Lock Dialer, Messages and Apps on Any Android Smartphone

How To Lock Dialer, Messages and Apps:- Is someone messing with your phone while you are away from it? Did your smartphone have personal messages on phone which you do not want other will see? Well there could be many reasons like that which concludes you to this search terms that you should lock apps… Read More »

How To Share Folder or Files on Google Drive – Solved

How To Share Files on Google Drive:- Sharing a files or folder is becoming convenient by passing times. Starting from floppy disk now we are using cloud based online sharing method which is by far the easiest and handy method for sharing files from one computer or smartphone to another. Now most of the companies… Read More »

LG X Power 2 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

LG X Power 2 Hard Reset :- Gotta hang by pattern unlock code or a virus in system don’t worry because today i will share you how to hard or factory reset your mobile phone not just 1 nor 2 with three unique methods. These codes also remove lagging or sometime freezing an app in your smartphone. Sometime… Read More »

How To Activate and Deactivate LED Flash Notifications

Activate and Deactivate LED Flash Notifications:- Does your smartphone rings a lot during your working hours and annoyed other persons around you? Do you want to turn on flash notification instead or ringing or vibrating. Do you want to disable or turn off flash notification well don’t worry because today i am going to explain step by… Read More »

How To Share Your Mobile Internet to Any Other Wifi Devices

How to Share Android Internet:- Sharing an android internet connection is convenient and handy at the time of travelling or when your internet connection is out of service. There are three ways to share smartphone internet which are WIFI, Bluetooth and Data Cable. Bluetooth and data cable can connect upto 1 internet connection but what… Read More »

How To Check Internet Data Usage on Your Android Devices

How To Check Internet Data Usage on Android:- Ever wonder why is your smartphone internet data has been consumed so fast. As we all know that there are two reasons that affect internet usages and those two reasons are downloading and surfing. Well we can easily count the data we download from internet but we… Read More »

How To Hide Apps on Your Android Smartphone

How to Hide Apps on Android:- Are your friend or family members playing with your phone without your consent. Are you afraid that someone will see your personal app data or files stored in it? Well don’t worry because today i am going to share with a method and a app that just not your… Read More »