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How to Hard Reset an Apple Iphone (Worked on Every Apple Device)

Hard Reset Apple Iphone:- If your apple smartphone became unresponsive, locked or got attacked by virus then you need to perform hard reset on your apple device. Hard Reset is one the biggest nightmare of every smartphone users because it will wipe out the entire data of your smartphone including contacts and app data which… Read More »

How To Download Video From Facebook To Computer

How to Download Video From Facebook:- Facebook is one of the largest social media website in world and recently the company has launched a new featured named Facebook Live in which users can stream their live video with other users. Video from facebook can be viewed in pop-up window and from the timeline of the… Read More »

Step by Step Guide to Change Gmail Password

Change Gmail Password:- As we all know that google is using only one login id and password to access all of their services on the internet like gmail, youtube, calendar, contacts, play store, drive and lots more. If anybody knows or figure out your password then the person can get access to every google service… Read More »

2 Easiest Ways to Download Youtube Videos

Download Youtube Videos:-  Youtube is the number one website for video hosting and streaming in the world and there currently are more than 30 million active users on the website everyday. As from the starting phase in 2005 till date youtube has introduced a lot of feature of their customer such as subscription channel, video format,… Read More »

How To Recover a Forgotten Google (Gmail) Account

Recover Gmail Account:- Google is currently providing all the access to its service by just using one login credentials whether it is for Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, contacts, calendar’s, analytics etc. But what will happens if you lost, dont remembers your login credentials when that happens all of your access to the Google services has… Read More »

How To Add, Edit or Delete Yahoo Mail Contacts

Yahoo Mail Contacts:- Yahoo mail has been operated since 1994 and currently it has created or processed over billions of account in their database. If your account is little old then you have received tons of email on your address whether it is in the form of newsletter, office related or from friends. On those email some are… Read More »

Easy Steps To Send A Picture Using Gmail

Send Picture in Gmail:- Gmail is a popular email service provider that can send single or bulk email to various users who holds an email account. In email you can send formatted text and pictures of your choice. Writing a text on your email window is the first to step which you have accomplish till know. The… Read More »

Changing Your Gmail Profile Picture – Fast and Easy Ways

Change Gmail Profile Picture :- At the time of creating your gmail account you seen a option to upload profile picture sometime we do not have the picture to upload and sometime we leave the upload picture option because we quickly want to access our gmail account. After spending happy time with our gmail account we want… Read More »

How To Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts

Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts:- Facebook company has provided many option to stay connected with your friends or family members anytime by launching its messenger app so if you are driving or on travel you can also stay connected with them but what if you are out of your WIFI area zone or… Read More »

Lanix S106 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

Lanix S106 Hard Reset :- Gotta hang by pattern unlock code or a virus in system don’t worry because today i will share you how to hard or factory reset your mobile phone not just 1 nor 2 with three unique methods. These codes also remove lagging or sometime freezing an app in your smartphone. Sometime freezing of… Read More »