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How To Fix or Resolve Android Error Code 504

How to Fix Error Code 504 :- Every android users have face this 504 error once in a lifetime on their android device. As we all know the error is occurred when you downloading or update any app from google play store. Dont worry its a common error and can be resolved within first method if… Read More »

My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi – Fixed

My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi :- Playing your favourite game and your wifi automatically disconnect from internet or downloading and install data from internet and your wifi stop responding or does not connect to internet. Well don’t worry because today i am going to explain in detail why this problem occurred and how… Read More »

Fixing Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped :- When you open your google play store to install apps and you get this message sound frustrated isn’t it well there is no need to worry this is one of the common error in android and its fixes are easy generally it fixes in one or two attempt’s.… Read More »

How To Recover or Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android Device

Recover Deleted Photos on Android :- Many users deleted images or files from their smartphone storage or SD card everyday just to free up some space but accidentally delete the important photos which they want along with the junk files or folder. Feel bad isn’t it but worry not because there are ways to recover or retrieve your… Read More »

How To Fix or Resolve Google Sync Error

Google Sync Error:- For a long time i am automatically receive updates notification from google about my new gmail emails and apps but for quite sometime i did not received any updates regarding to my google account. First i guess the updates is not released and no new email has been come to my inbox but… Read More »

Top 7 Best Video Editing Apps Every Android User Must Have

Best Video Editing Apps :- Whenever we think of installing video editing app we simply go to play store and install the app based on their ratings and people who might download the app. Most of the time it work out for me and others we got the desired app which we needed but recently we see a… Read More »

How To Take Backup of Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive :- Recently my smartphone got infected by virus which automatically restart my smartphone. To remove that virus i have to perform hard reset and remove my memory data. These two steps are by far easy for me but the recovery of my data is almost impossible and time consuming.… Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Any Device

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages :- Have you delete a message of friend and don’t remember what it was or your naughty cousins just mess up with your phone and erased your recent messages whatever the cause there is a good news for whatsapp users that the deleted messages on whatsapp can be restored in… Read More »

How To Block and Unblock Contacts in Whatsapp

Block Whatsapp Contact :- Are you receiving a lot of messages from users and want to block the users for sometime or forever believe me it happened with me alot. We make a lot of friend in real life but some of them does not behave or talk good with you is happen with everyone sometime… Read More »

How To Change Google Profile Picture [Android and PC]

Change Google Profile Picture :- Surely when we create first account with google whether its gmail or plus services it feels so nice right but sooner or later we got adapt to the technology and later try new things and with old one we face started to face problems and one of the problem we… Read More »