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How To Check Internet Data Usage on Your Android Devices

How To Check Internet Data Usage on Android:- Ever wonder why is your smartphone internet data has been consumed so fast. As we all know that there are two reasons that affect internet usages and those two reasons are downloading and surfing. Well we can easily count the data we download from internet but we… Read More »

How To Hide Apps on Your Android Smartphone

How to Hide Apps on Android:- Are your friend or family members playing with your phone without your consent. Are you afraid that someone will see your personal app data or files stored in it? Well don’t worry because today i am going to share with a method and a app that just not your… Read More »

How To Compress a Captured or Downloaded Video in Android

How to Compress a Video in Android:- Have you captured a video through your smartphone camera and now want to share it with your friends or family members via whatsapp or other social media account? Did you Download alot of video on your phone storage and now not have any space to store more. The reason… Read More »

How To Save or Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life

How to save Battery on Android:- Battery saving comes handy when your travelling from one place to another or going to a remote area or a trip where battery is not available. Back in the days when we power bank are not invented this techniques comes in handy a lot as for me i save battery in many… Read More »

How To Use USB Tethering and Share Your Android Internet

How To Use USB Tethering:- USB Tethering is one of the convenient way to connect to internet if you are travelling a lot or lived in a remote area far away from internet service provider. With this technique you can share your android smartphone internet data to the connected device whether it should be laptop, desktop… Read More »

How To Fix or Resolve Android Error Code 504

How to Fix Error Code 504 :- Every android users have face this 504 error once in a lifetime on their android device. As we all know the error is occurred when you downloading or update any app from google play store. Dont worry its a common error and can be resolved within first method if… Read More »

My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi – Fixed

My Android Phone Wont Connect To Wifi :- Playing your favourite game and your wifi automatically disconnect from internet or downloading and install data from internet and your wifi stop responding or does not connect to internet. Well don’t worry because today i am going to explain in detail why this problem occurred and how… Read More »

Fixing Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped :- When you open your google play store to install apps and you get this message sound frustrated isn’t it well there is no need to worry this is one of the common error in android and its fixes are easy generally it fixes in one or two attempt’s.… Read More »

How To Recover or Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android Device

Recover Deleted Photos on Android :- Many users deleted images or files from their smartphone storage or SD card everyday just to free up some space but accidentally delete the important photos which they want along with the junk files or folder. Feel bad isn’t it but worry not because there are ways to recover or retrieve your… Read More »