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Changing Your Gmail Profile Picture – Fast and Easy Ways

Change Gmail Profile Picture :- At the time of creating your gmail account you seen a option to upload profile picture sometime we do not have the picture to upload and sometime we leave the upload picture option because we quickly want to access our gmail account. After spending happy time with our gmail account we want… Read More »

How To Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts

Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts:- Facebook company has provided many option to stay connected with your friends or family members anytime by launching its messenger app so if you are driving or on travel you can also stay connected with them but what if you are out of your WIFI area zone or… Read More »

Lanix S106 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

Lanix S106 Hard Reset :- Gotta hang by pattern unlock code or a virus in system don’t worry because today i will share you how to hard or factory reset your mobile phone not just 1 nor 2 with three unique methods. These codes also remove lagging or sometime freezing an app in your smartphone. Sometime freezing of… Read More »

How To Clear iPhone Cache and App Data

Clear iPhone Cache:- Cache are temporary files that stored in a hidden folder of your phone memory to easily access the file you already viewed or used. There are two types of cache that are stored on your phone first is online cache and second offline cache. Online cache consists of web pages you visit… Read More »

How To Activate or Deactivate Gmail Desktop Notifications

Gmail Desktop Notifications:- In this speedy generation we have habit of doing every work at pace whether it is office related or it is home related. The work or daily activity is to much in our daily life that we dont have time to check out things again and again same happens with the email… Read More »

How To Send Large Files Using Gmail

Send Large Files Using Gmail:- By default you can only send upto 25 MB of file size in one email whether you are using any email service provider like yahoo or Gmail. But what will you do if you have file size larger than 25 MB and want to send it using Gmail. In the… Read More »

Enabling or Disabling Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications:- There is no doubt that Facebook is the best social media website to stay in touch with friend but staying always active on the website and wait for the message from friend is quite bothersome. While sitting on our computer and wait for our beloved ones to message us is sometime quite frustrating… Read More »

How To Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Account

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Account:- Like email, cloud storage are the integral part of internet communication. From video uploading to email attachment every is possible with the help of cloud storage service. Currently there are so many company that are offering cloud storage space some of the popular cloud storage service provider are iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox and… Read More »

Free Ways to Hide Your IP Address

Hide Your IP Address:- While connecting to internet connection whether it should be WIFI or other network an IP has been assigned to your computer or smartphone by your network provider which allow you to communicate with computers or servers. Its true that with IP address you can communicate with world but it also track… Read More »

How To Create Contact Group in Gmail and Send Bulk Email

Create Contact Group in Gmail:- If you are a Gmail Account holder then you can send bulk email by adding bcc and cc function to the email but this method is time consuming because you have to manually enter email address in those field and also maintain the record of the email address. But there… Read More »