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Mujo Puzzle Game App Review and Download

Mujo Puzzle App Review :- Mujo is a classic tile based RPG puzzle game with great graphic. Developed by ‘oink game’ the game is listed as an app of the week in apple store. The games colors are very bright and the character in this games are flat animated. In this game the player has to destroy the monster and… Read More »

Storehouse App Review and Download

Storehouse App Review :- Recently we discovered a new app on apple store named storehouse. What this app do is it will tell allow to user to tell story visually. the user of the app can make the video or pictures presentation by adding various element in it like text paragraph and image. Storehouse App… Read More »

Evernote Scannable App Review and Download

Evernote Scannable App Review :- The most popular note making app has launched a new scannable app today for iphone and ipad devices. what the app do is it will scan all the files and document and optimize the image buy adjustment like cropping, sharpening the image and rotate the image as the user seen fit. Evernote… Read More »

SnoopSnitch App Review and Download

SnoopSnitch App Review :- As the use of smartphone is increased day by day so lots of cyber attackers are more focused on mobile technology. And one of the activity we discuss about is smartphone snooping. In this case the hacker is attack on mobile IMSI – International mobile subscriber identity and can track the movement of smartphone user and see… Read More »

App Development Companies – Which One To Hire?

App Development Companies :- Which company to hire for mobile app development not know? Here are the some of suggested website which you have to look for developing the app. App Development Companies 1) In this website you can hire individual person or a company listed. Here you find bunch of Companies and individual person… Read More »

Ola App Review and Download

Ola App Review :- A new feature is included in ola app on Tuesday 30 december 2014. What the app feature do is  it will allow the user to hire a autorickshaws by paying a small convenience charges of Rs. 10. The user of the app can not use the app wallet to pay his transport fares the user have… Read More »

E-Lerter App Review and Download

E-Lerter App Review : Today a new app is launched today in Toronto canada e-lerter. The new application is developed by Jamie Brandt from alberta based firm Stony Plain. What this app do is it will provide the emergency broadcast and alerts on your smartphone like weather warning. The app scan the current news on internet then… Read More »

3D Around App Review and Download

3d Around App Review :- Today a new app is launched that allows iphone 6 users to click 360 degree photo and view it as one 3D Image. The name of the app is 3d Around and is now available iphone store as free to download. The App is developed by swiss software company dacuda and said that this… Read More »

Ziman Mobile App Review and Download

ziman app review and download news:- Today Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd has launched a new app for women and children security. The mobile application provide 24×7 response service if the victim is in danger and also inform their family members say pramod rao managing director of zicom system ltd. In press release the company stated… Read More »

iPhone Game Development Tutorial For Beginners

iPhone Game Development Tutorial For Beginners:- Hello friends struggling to learn iphone and ipads apps software and dont know how to success. Today i share you a program which will teach how to create your first app and let you make money as well by selling your apps online. People Do game development and want a… Read More »