A Virtual Museum App For Your Smartphone

Virtual Museum:-  Great news from museum lover now google has announced a new app that show you museum exhibits realtime at the comfort of your home. Just like google showing street maps this app work on same basis. Google has announced the app on 10 december 2014 but not announce the when it available in app store. Google has team up with museum around the world to show their art piece on smartphone just like virtual museum.


Other museum like musse Curie and Monnaie de Pris and Museum of Le Havre are also be a part of this apps. Another great advantages of the apps is you not need an internet connection to view the maps in smartphone. yes the app even work offline without an internet connection. Currently the project is in pilot phase and take time to complete. Eleveen cultural museum in different country are also taken part in this project. The list of countries which participate in projects are Nigeria, France, italy and nether-land. To know more about how the virtual museum work see the google official video below:-

Virtual Museum Official Video

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