SnoopSnitch App Review and Download

SnoopSnitch App Review :- As the use of smartphone is increased day by day so lots of cyber attackers are more focused on mobile technology. And one of the activity we discuss about is smartphone snooping. In this case the hacker is attack on mobile IMSI – International mobile subscriber identity and can track the movement of smartphone user and see its mobile phone calls. To prevent this a new app is launched named snoopsnitch.


SnoopSnitch App Review

What snoopsnitch app do is it will detect the IMSI catcher and alert the smartphone user that someone is spying on him. Although the app doesn’t prevent the IMSI Catcher it can only alert the user. The app is launched in december 2014 During the Chaos Computer Congress, annual meeting in Hamburg, Germany. The android app is created by security researcher Alex Senier, Karsten Nohl and Tobias Engel from SRLabs in Berlin due to public privacy concern.

SnoopSnitch App Download

The app is currently available for android devices through google play store and may soon available for iphone or windows user.

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