Revtwo App Review and Download

Revtwo App Review :- A new app for android and iphone launched today with the name of revtwo. With this app installation the user can able to interact with other user and share his information in real-time environment. When this is launched many smartphone user said it can be done by many app and messenger but the ordeal is that we cannot interact with user we don’t know.


That’s where this app comes in handy this is a community based application where your problem is directly forward to developer or master of that field to provide you useful information in timely manner. One more good feature include in this app is that if the user is unable to fix the problem developer can fix your problem doing remote access to your mobile.

One more good feature include is that user can also share their gaming session to his friend or another user and can also join him if multiplayer allowed. The app is using WebRTC technology to interact with other user on real-time basis. The user of the app can used the method to solve their query by screen-share, logging, voice chat and chatting session.

Revtwo App Download

Revtwo is available to download from their official website by sign up method.


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