Mujo Puzzle Game App Review and Download

Mujo Puzzle App Review :- Mujo is a classic tile based RPG puzzle game with great graphic. Developed by ‘oink game’ the game is listed as an app of the week in apple store. The games colors are very bright and the character in this games are flat animated.


In this game the player has to destroy the monster and knight. The monster in this game are powerful so in order to win you have to solve various puzzle to use various gods powers. As the game progress the player power is increased allow the gamer to use more damaged attack.The villain of the game is seen on the top of the screen standing with his sword.

The gods power in the game allow the user to get of tough situation and help to pass the missions. After complete of the mission the user has option to share the progress with their friends. the game has no end so in this game you are competing with world score.

Mujo Puzzle App Download

The game is currently free to download from apple store. The game has 4+ enjoy rating on app store and will soon be available at price. so it is recommended to download the game soon if you want a unique game. the game is currently available in download from apple store only.

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