Lifestage App Review and Download

Lifestage App Review :- Today a new app is introduced in apple itunes named lifestage. The main purpose of this app is to upload video on their server and ask questions or give answer to related topic but this app is only for teenagers which means users with age more than 22 years can create account but don’t do anything else in this app. Michael Sayman has designed this app to get the old days back where we can interact with friends without interference from their family members.


To register your account in this app you must have a valid email address and mobile phone number. A school or college members are only shown in this app when more than 20 members are registered from the same school and locations. According to updates lifestage is a standalone app which will updates its member profile by simply adding videos in it and when a video is updated by the user all other members registered under same school will get notified that this person has updated the video.

There is one restriction in this app and that is once a member registered with one school he or she cannot change her school again. After pros when we talk about cons then we have seen many case of bullying in the snapchat app with this app the chance of bullying are strong because of no monitoring activity on chat.

Lifestage App Download

Currently the app is only available to download for iOS system only. The link to download the app is given below

Lifestage App Download for IOs 8.0 or Above

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