Free Guide on How To Send Document in Whatsapp

How To Send Document in Whatsapp :- From today on now it is possible to send or share document on whatsapp. Whatsapp has launched a new version of its update in which you can now send document either on your phone as well as on cloud platform like google drive, OneDrive etc. To use this function there is a step by step guide on how to enable document sharing feature on whatsapp given below :-


Send Document in Whatsapp For Android User

  1. Connect to the internet via WiFi or SiM Based internet service.
  2. Go to your playstore and type whats app.
  3. Click on update to app and wait untill its finished.
  4. Restart your app and its done you have cool new feature.

After updating the app go to your message click on share attachment button to pop down menu there you find share document option click on it and then a menu open which say share document from iDrive, Google Drive and more click on desire location and after select file click ok.

Send Document in Whatsapp For Iphone User

The same thing apply to iPhone user as well first update the app then go through share attachment option.

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